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How to Play Slots Online

Slot rules often don’t get the attention they should get, although they should be careful not to leave too much money in the casino.

How to Play Slots Online

How to play slots

Slot machines are a very popular game form not only in real casinos but also online. There are many types and variations of slot machines, so it is useful to try several slot machines to find the best variation for yourself.

It is very easy to play at online casinos. To start the game with the virtual machine, you must first make your deposit. Then it is essential to select your desired denomination and the number of coins. Also, don’t forget to select the desired number of pay lines. Then click on the SPIN button and the online slot machine will do the rest! The amount of payouts depends on the selected number of coins, but usually, the Jackpot Bonus is offered as the highest payout for the maximum number of coins. If you trust in your luck, we suggest you choose the maximum number of coins.

traditional slot machineA traditional slot machine consists of three rotating wheels with 22 different symbols on each wheel. Each time you turn the wheel, the machine stops at randomly selected symbols. If a correct combination coincides with this line, you will be paid the corresponding winnings.

Video slot machines are based on a more modern form of slot machines. They usually have 5 wheels. With Video Slots you can bet on different lines and win several times. Normally you can play between 1 and 25 lines in the video slots.

Video slots often offer attractive bonus play options. Online you can try many of these possibilities, but most of the time you will have the opportunity to win Free Spins if a certain combination of symbols fails. Free Spins allow you to play a fixed number of spins without paying for it. It is attractive enough to take advantage of this opportunity to win a little bit of bonus money without risk! Check the payout structure of slot machines to find the best bonuses.

When you visit an online casino, you will see many progressive slot machines. Such machines pay big winnings as a jackpot bonus. It should be emphasized that the jackpot size always grows when someone selects and uses an online progressive slot machine. The more you play and wager, the higher the jackpot becomes until someone finally hits it!

Slots games are a good way to play a little after a hard day’s work and hope for really big winnings, especially if you’re lucky enough!

How to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you choose to play online slots, you will sooner or later encounter slots with super-attractive progressive jackpots that grow until they are hit by one of the players.

A common strategy of those who know how to play online slots is usually to play these progressive slots once the jackpot has six-digit numbers.

To attempt to beat one of the progressive jackpots, players must follow the same rules as normal online slots with only one specific requirement: to win the jackpot, players must place the maximum bet and not just a single bet or paying less.

Each online slot machine comes with a series of buttons that you need to be familiar with when you play the game.

BET ONE slotsBET ONE – This button allows you to increase the number of coins bet one by one. If the maximum number of coins has already been reached and you click this button, the counter will be reset to 1.

BET MAX / PLAY MAX – This button allows you to set the maximum number of coins in the slot game you play.

SPIN REELS – This button allows you to move the reels and start the game. In some online slots games, a graphical lever acts as a spin button to give you the feeling of playing on a real slot machine.

STOP REELS – This button allows you to stop the spinning reels. Some games will pause the three roles one by one after clicking the button, others will require you to click the button several times (depending on the number of roles) to pause each individual role. However, there are also games that do not have this key and where the reels stop automatically after a certain time.

PLUS (+) – Allows you to increase the value of the coins you bet. The amount usually increases by €0.01 – €10.

MINUS (-) – Allows you to decrease the value of the coins you bet.

TYPES OF ONLINE CASINO GAMES – Online slots games come in different versions and differ in their game features. They can be based on gambling interfaces, or on the number of reels, or on important bonus features.

3 roll slotsTraditional / 3-Roll Slots – These types of online slots are the ones that are similar to real slot machines. You only have three roles. Most games of this type come with a single pay line, the mean pay line. The game in this type of slots is quite hard, as there is only one pay line and with the exception of the scatter symbol, you will need to make three identical symbols to make a payout. The Scatter symbol often saves your game because you can receive a payout when one of them lands on the middle pay line. There are also games that have 5 pay lines and therefore offer better odds. Some 3-reel slots also have a joker that can be wagered on any winning combination and if you win by using a joker, your payout is greater than the payout on a normal winning combination. Usually at 3 or so. Most 3-role games only accept 1 to 3 coins.

5-Roll Video Slots – 5 reels online 5 reel slots have 25 pay lines where the number of coins you bet reflects the number of lines that are active. This means that most 5 reel games accept 1 to 25 coins. Most games also have a wild card and scatter symbol on each reel, making the game even more exciting with many chances of winning.

7-Roll Video Slots – This type of online slots game has 7 reels, as the name suggests, and 7 pay lines. The payout on each pay line is determined by the number of identical symbols formed, i. e. 3-7 symbols. The more identical symbols on each pay line, the higher the amount of your payout.

Casino Bonus SlotsBonus Slots – This type of online slots is a game where a bonus feature can be activated by combining one or more symbols on the reels. These games can come with 3 reels or 5 reels. The bonus round offers various twists and turns for players, making the game even more exciting.

Progressive Slots – These slot games have the best jackpot of all online casino games, some of which can be worth up to €2 million! A progressive slot is connected to other online slots in a number of online casinos and for each bet made by a player in one of these games, a certain amount is added to the total progressive jackpot, increasing the amount from time to time and achieving a fantastic value until a lucky winner hits the jackpot combination and finally takes the jackpot home.

How to Play Slots Online